A Lutheran Church in Steelton, Pennsylvania

St. John’s Lutheran Church , located at 2nd and Pine Streets in Steelton, Pennsylvania.

St John's Lutheran Church Steelton, Pennsylvania


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  1. Linda Klein Yates said:

    Please let me know if you have a Christmas Eve service.

    • Hello Linda,
      Yes, there is a Christmas Eve Service. Prelude music begins at 8:30, with the Canlelight Service beginning at 9:00 pm.
      We would love to see ya’.

  2. Linda Klein Yates said:

    Thanks so much. I expect we’ll be there. My family attended the church for four generations, and I miss St. John’s, but we live in Reading and attend church on the weekends in the Poconos.

  3. Ceena Jenkins said:


    I am a Steelton resident and I was walking my dog in the evening last night and the light was hitting the church perfectly as the sun was setting. And if you look closely there is a falcon perched at the top of the tallest steeple. I would love to give you this pic for your website. Please email me and I will send it to you.

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